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Stained glass workshop Józefowicz B&P

O U R  W O R K S H O P

Our  workshop  will  lead you to the meeting of light with the colors of the glass, which creates, depending on the time of the day, countless shades of beauty.

We have been working on projects since 2001.

Thanks to the  variety of stained glass, projects can be selected to the place where they will be placed.

Everyone can choose something for themselves.

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We offer a wide selection of stained glass to suit your individual needs and expectations, in particular:

W E  R E C O M M E N D E D

Small is beautiful


It is a small size but great beauty stained glass mainly designed for hanging on a window background, or mounted in small windows, illuminated recesses or doorways.

Perfectly complements and emphasizes the charm of even small spaces creating a unique atmosphere of the place, allowing you to break away from general commercial repetitiveness and quality.


Classic style

floral ornaments

We particularly recommend the unique in its beauty and style of stained glass with flower arrangements and old architectural ornamentation. They will find their place in restored palaces or manors, old townhouses or public buildings.

These stained glass are made by us with the oldest technique of painting pigmented glass and firing in a furnace at high temperatures. We prepare pigments by ourselves based on old recipes in our studio.

Art on request


It's an art on order. Reproductions of outstanding master artists or favorite artists do not achieve the perfection of the original, but will also be adorned with pervading light. Reproductions create a unique atmosphere of the room, depending on the time of the bed or the way of the blooming. We offer classic stained glass for old houses or tenements, manor houses or palaces as well as modern stained glass for stylish homes or public facilities.

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