What is the price of stained glass?

The price of individual stained glass is very much dependent on the size, design, type of glass used, the number of arcs or straight lines and the elements of the glasses. We always offer the highest quality of materials used depending on the needs and the type of stained glass, unique designs and solid workmanship. In order to evaluate the order, please complete the form in the HOW TO ORDER window or telephone contact.

We are ready to realize your projects in accordance with your expectations and financial possibilities.

How long does it take to order?

The execution time depends on the size of the project and its complexity, including the number of panels, the way of cutting glass and painting.

Generally, for small projects and selected ready-made patterns from our gallery or uploaded by you, its implementation is 3-4 weeks.

We strive to tailor our capabilities to meet customer expectations in terms of time of receipt.

Is the stained glass sent safely?

We have our own, proven method of shipping stained glass / mosaic. The shipment is adequately secured even against strong impacts and sent by courier. For larger orders we provide our own transport and assembly.

Can I place an order from any country?

We are committed to timely delivery of our artistic work to clients in any country of the world. Upon an order we provide detailed information about the price and shipping costs.

Do you produce stained glass and mosaics yourself?

Yes, both stained glass and mosaics are made 100% in our stained glass workshop. Here models and projects are created, which, after being accepted by customers, are realized. Stained glass is painted with paint, made by us in the studio, based on old recipes.

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